Community Project "Families by 60"



Community Project "Families by 60"
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Come join us Sunday, May 24, 4:30 – 6:30pm (3724 Pacheco Street at 41st Ave)
I’ve spent the last 15 years thinking about this, and below is a “heartfelt” snippet of what I am very excited about.

Truly connect as an extended family of 60+ families. Help and support each other in many ways. If you’ve not read Ron Lieber’s “The Opposite of Spoiled", every human being has 3 potential jars of money - Give, Save and Spend. If you are like me, your spend jar is 98% (save jar $0, give jar 2% ). This project focuses on the give jar (time more than money), the jar most researchers and real life people (Gandhi) would agree lead to happier lives that are also fulfilled & extraordinary. The concept is that it takes a village to lead this happier, more fulfilled, life.

All families are very welcome, but an emphasis on families with teenagers is the first phase of the mission of this project. The basic idea is “communal,” where I am opening up my new home 24/7 for any and all families. More on this later. Imagine 60+ families whom now can call my new house their 2nd home. Imagine teenagers meeting Friday night’s 5-midnight, where they have fun, talk and support each other; work on a project that is larger than their own smaller world now, etc… Imagine as well, that 40 kids aged 3-10 show up each Saturday 8-NOON, to have fun and talk, but also where teenagers give back and help the kids (play with them, talk to them, etc…). Imagine a place where any and all parents drop in to discuss children, mental health, ideas for a global project, etc…The list goes on and on.

Many things, we believe, are possible, from families truly connecting. We believe that it takes a village to do anything great in our opinion. This is our chance as an individual within a family to truly connect personally and help our own children but also help improve the world, one family at a time. 60+ families connected as an extended family we believe will be the basis for many great things in our life. This is the beauty. The list grows dependent upon whatever each and every family member deems worthy. Children as young as 5 will thrive. So will all teenagers. So will the parents. I'd be the first to acknowledge that I need you. I want to help change the world one family at a time. Let’s connect truly for a lifetime.