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Sports Program
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We had this idea and desire for children in sports in the year 2000. It never materialized and, instead, we operated like any other sports program in San Francisco. This time around, we will not waver. Our young children in sports deserve it. Meant to be complementary to their likely team sports, or a complete replacement to team sports (at least from ages 5-8), your child will enjoy the game the following ways...
1. “Backyard” play. Imagine your 5-10 year old playing golf, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and/or football, all in one afternoon. Or, maybe your child just plays soccer all afternoon. We could emphasize soccer, but because we have 3 hours each group session, we will allow for more freedom of choice for your child, a key to our program! We believe that much passion comes from freedom of choice.
2. Scrimmage, any and all sports. Call it "pick up" one vs one, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3. Battle each other, regardless of age really. 99% of the program is just this. Many touches on the ball. More reps. Improved skills. More fun games. More game-like experience daily, not once a week.
3. Coaching done incrementally while children scrimmage.
4. Typical scenario for a youth athlete: they play on a team, they have one coach for 14 kids, they practice once a week for an hour, the coach instructs your child for 5 minutes at practice, they play a game weekly but they touch the ball in the game no more than 5-10 times, and so on. In our program, your child will get 300 touches per afternoon and your child will do it on his/her time and when interested. We will not schedule a plan for your child to dribble, for example, around cones and ladders if trying to get better at soccer. It is a whole different ballgame, truly the only way I know works with children athletes in any sport.
Your child will be a better athlete if you decide to come here. Thank you.
AGES: [5 - 17]
Times: after school, all day summer, and weekends all year. Call Scott at 415-407-0813 and/or follow us on Twitter for times starting May 2015.