Youth Soccer



Youth Soccer
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What: Soccer coaching from a licensed, former college player with experience coaching children (Scott Wilkinson, the founder of Kids Outdoor Club), together with other friendly and qualified coaches

When: Soccer practices are typically once a week with practices running for 1.5 hours for younger children and 2 hours for older children. A more competitive team may opt to practice twice a week. We’ll work with the team/group to determine the best practice day. League games are on Saturdays and Sundays.

Who: We coach children ages 3 to 12, including boys, girls and co-ed teams, of all skill levels ranging from those playing on a recreational team in the Vikings or PAL leagues to a more competitive level of play. We also will coach groups of children not participating on an organized team.

We will assist with registering your team with the various soccer leagues, including sending out and collecting all paperwork.


We believe the focus in soccer coaching should be on the development and improvement of individual skills in a positive environment of mutual trust and respect. Respecting the game itself is the foundation. Falling in love with the game and building a great team spirit is the result. A child should have confidence in his or her skills, but most importantly, a child should have fun playing soccer.

Our program promotes frequent touches on the ball, and we encourage the child to improve skills from both feet, not one dominant foot. Each child is required to have his/her own ball for most of the practice. We have developed a variety of fun games to keep the child’s interest. The blend of serious skill and fitness drills with fun games and small scrimmages, is our recipe for success for both skill development and improved confidence. Tactical and strategic positioning are not a focus of ours until a child reaches 10 years old.

Scott Wilkinson’s philosophy is borne from a combination of factors: (1) his own childhood experience, (2) the experiences of his 3 children, (3) his travels to Europe and Africa (where he played with 12 to 15 year olds in a league), (4) his coaching over the past 15 years in various sports and (5) the many facets of other soccer programs and cultures that he has researched and studied over the years. These other programs include the US Soccer Federation’s 90 page report on how to develop children in soccer from age 5 and up; Holland’s Ajax development program (Ajax is considered by many to be the best youth program in the world); and visiting and participating in the soccer cultures of Brazil, Africa and Europe, where street soccer or pick up games are the predominant way that the children in these countries learn their skills until age 12.