Youth Programs
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Kids Outdoor Club coaches a variety of team sports through its sports division, KOC Sports. The sports include soccer, futsal (indoor soccer), basketball and baseball. We coach children from ages 3-12 at any skill level from beginner to advanced. We use a positive coaching model based on the Positive Coaching Alliance, and we focus on making it fun for the players. At any skill level, we believe the focus should be on skill development coupled with an enhanced love of the game. We offer coaching in a variety of formats, ranging from weekly team practices and games in organized leagues to weekly practices for groups of children not playing on a league team. We can also use our Big White Van to transport the children from school to practice. For more information about the sports we coach and our coaching philosophy,click here.

We are offering 2 weeks of soccer camp this summer during the weeks of August 20 and 27. Run by the owner of Kids Outdoor Club (a college player, a Dad and a soccer coach), coach Scott believes he knows what most children who love soccer will enjoy. Aimed for 6 years and above, boys and girls, soccer camp at Kids Outdoor Club is different than any other soccer camp. How? We mix a lot of soccer during the day with a variety of other activities that kids enjoy as well. We believe strongly that children, especially young passionate soccer enthusiasts, enjoy the game more (and learn more) when other activities are mixed in to their full soccer day. At our camp, soccer is played 75% of the time while a variety of other activities are played 25% of the day. We mix in serious skill drills with super fun games of soccer missile tag, castle war, world cup soccer, etc. It is not uncommon for us to start our day with 1.5 hours of serious skill drills, then an hour of capture the flag (great conditioning), then a world cup tourney (3 vs 3) to bring us to lunch. It is common for a serious dribbling skill drill to turn in to a frenzied and fun game of missile tag. Our camp was built from within; a survey from our sporty campers (who love soccer) told us how to build a program that they would thoroughly enjoy. This is our camp! Sign up early! Cost: $400 for full day camp, $300 for half day camp.
We offer after school sessions that include a variety of outdoor activities such as nature hikes, classic games, sports, arts and crafts, self-directed play and fun adventures. Prices for our after school quarterly sessions start at once a week for $324 per 3-month season (with no van transportation from school). The seasons are Fall (September to November), Winter (December to February) and Spring (March to May). With a minimum of 5 children, we will pick up from your school in our popular Big White Van. If you do not see your school, please call us at 415-407-0813. A quarterly session at once a week with transportation pick up is $420 per 3-month session.