Giant’s Baseball Games



Giant’s Baseball Games
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Aimed at 7 year-olds and older, these baseball game trips are very popular. Sign up early! We transport kids (via our popular Big White Van and/or the N Judah train) to Giant’s day games and spend most of the day on our excursion. We play baseball at McCovey Cove and then we watch the World Series Giants play baseball until the game ends. Your child will be with us for approximately 6 hours. These are cherished memories for our campers!


Please select first game date below and email us the rest of the dates.

(Note: If your child is attending a full day of camp on any of our Gaints games dates, the change will be additional $30 for the game.)


Sign up for either the 3- or 5-game package and you are guaranteed your allotted games during the summer. Our 3-game package is $300 and our 5-game package is $450. You will get a refund if you can’t attend all of the games you purchase. The planned games are below, although we reserve the right to add or change some of the listed games depending on availability. The price includes transportation, ticket to the game, a snack and lunch or dinner during the game.


TBD in summer 2013


You must attend at least one of our summer weekly camps (or purchase a 5-day flexible punchcard) to be eligible to attend our Giant’s games. Attending a week of our summer’s Middle School Junior Coach Program also qualifies. The baseball game package is a separate purchase. If you are attending a game during one of your purchased summer camp weeks, we will give you a half-day credit to attend Kids Outdoor Club on another day of your choice.


On game day, we depart from Speedway Meadow 2 hours prior to game time and return to Speedway Meadow approximately one hour after the game ends. Please send your child to camp with layers of clothing and of course, optional Giant’s gear!