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Parent Testimonials:

“I would credit Kids Outdoor Club as being one of the most positive
influences on Danny’s development, plus he always has an incredible time.
It’s pretty awesome when he wakes up on the weekends and wants to lead us on
a two hour hike through the park, especially to places that we’ve never been
but he knows well.  It is really fantastic environment, especially for a
city kid!  We’ll be sending him for a FOURTH summer.  My only knock would be
that it is indeed painful to send your kid to summer camp in their winter
coat, but he never complains and we prefer it to having him spend all day
indoors.” – Mitchel Harad

About Scott

Founder & Owner. 42 years old. Scott was born and raised in Santa Clara, and took his first job as a CPA in San Francisco 19 years ago. He’s been playing sports his whole life, including soccer, baseball, football, water polo, basketball, golf and track. Scott was a 4-year starter in soccer at St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA. He has a lovely wife, Kim, and three young children (Kyle, 10, Nicole, 8, and Molly, 5). They have enjoyed countless hours outdoors in San Francisco, especially participating in sports and recreational activities. Scott has been actively involved in coaching children's sports for the past 15 years. Over the past three years he has read, learned and focused on facilitating a positive environment for children to enjoy recreation and sports. At Kids Outdoor Club, the cornerstone philosophy is unstructured free playtime, which current scientific research embraces. Scott is happy to know that Kids Outdoor Club is at the cutting-edge of what doctors say is pivotal for our young children. Additionally, Scott is real competitive and believes strongly in sports for children. He spends a considerable amount of time learning and applying positive coaching techniques. Scott loves children, the outdoors, and sports. Nothing excites him more than a smile on a child's face when that child has reached his/her goals.
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