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why kids don’t get better in sports – coaching is overrated

Hi, I am a paid coach and I still don’t believe that kids gain a whole lot from just a practice for their team. Sure, I hold longer practices than most coaches because I want the kids to touch the ball, throw the ball, kick the ball more, but in all honesty, kids 12 and under really need one thing. that is, they need repetitions, loads of it, and they need to play “pick up” games with neighbors, friends, parents, etc. Honestly, before age 8 or even up to 10, kids don’t need any coaches. they might need supervision in this new and dangerous world but they dont need a coach. This is what most of the world does except America. remember when Dad and Mom kicked you out of the home and said “go play.” Well, that is gone for the most part these days. Kids, any age, should just be outdoor playing and if sports is their thing, they could find many kids who would kick a soccer ball, throw a baseball. And, in pick up games, an 8 year old boy playing with 13 year old girls, could be a very good thing. Kids just need to play, get more repetitions. think about it. At practices for their teams, especially baseball. One child might get 5 grounders and make 20 throws. Maybe get 10 swings. At home, the child could get 100 grounders, take 50 swings, and throw 200 times. Just need a friend, a parent, a neighbor. that is more useful.. then when a kid gets older and becomes in love with the game (first and this is key), and then becomes very good at a particular sport, that is when hiring a great coach proves vital. But before then, hire a supervisor, don’t coach them on weekends, just let them play. and, do it more than once a week for each sport they do. it is like a supervised playdate with 20 kids. this is my dream to set up for SF city kids but parents don’t get it in this city. they think the child has to play on teams at ages starting at 5. Even 4. crazy.

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