We started our program Kids Outdoor Club 10 years ago for children of all ages and interest. While we grew to enjoy over 4,000 kids in 10 years (and over 75 kids per day), we learned that our program was best for children with challenges of all kind in a smaller group setting. I’ll add that, personally, I felt I could impact, and enjoy greatly, each child significantly more in a smaller group setting. Rest assured, our award winning 10+ year program won’t change that much at all, as we will still enjoy nature, play games and sports, and allow children to direct their own day at times (called free-play through socialization). We plan to have less than 10 children per day so hurry and sign up. Thank you.




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Award-Winning After School Program
"A Place To Be Me"
A specialized after school program committed to offering youth (ages 8-17) a supportive and enriching environment. New program inspired by 15+ years of working with children.
Targeted towards tweens, teens and youth (8 or older) who are seeking connection and peer engagement while developing their socialization, communication, and expressive skills.
Summer 2016:
Please NOTE: Summer camp is only available to our after school members.** 4 weeks only this summer. Dates are June 20-24, June 27- July 1, July 11-15 and August 1-5. Cost is $850/week and the camp is offered 8am-12pm. Price is based on low ratios of adult/child and very experienced staff. Maximum 12 children per week.Sign up fast.
High School Program (For Directors & HS Admin)
In my estimation and research, across the country, approximately 8% of all High School’s enrollment is filled by young adults who are challenged in some way, shape or form (anxiety, depression, self harm, lonliness, shyness, etc..). High School Directors and their staff absolutely try very hard to work with these children with challenges. However, it is never enough. Imagine a challenged High Schooler who sees a psychiatrist and/or counselor once a week, the High School’s Mental Health Director one hour a week, and then the child and his/her parents are left with “what to do” to fill in the gaps of time after school and weekends. This is wherein the problem lies. Parents can’t do enough and aren’t equipped, nor are our High Schools, to truly care for the progress and success of those teenagers who are challenged.
Kids Outdoor Club - Best of the City - San Francisco, CA

Kids Outdoor Club Soccer Programs in San Francisco

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3724 Pacheco St. (at 41st Ave. Outer Sunset, SF)


One Drop / Pick Location


3724 Pacheco Street